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Terms of Service

All rules posted, with the exception of those with punishments stated within the rule, carrry a penalty of: 1st offense, 3-day ban; 2nd offense, 7-day ban; 3rd offense, permanent ban.

The Golden Rule:

We will not tolerate drama, harassment, defamation, insults, vulgarity, bashing, flaming, aggression, threats, trolling, or any other negative attitudes as have become the norm lately. From now on, at our sole discretion, we will 7-day IP ban all the accounts of anyone who is purposely rude to another player for any reason, even in PvP. Any more incidents after that 7-day ban will result in permanent bans on every account on your IP. You have been warned.

Quick List of things that will get you instantly permanently banned:
  • Stat padding (killing your own toons, friends' toons, and/or low-level or naked characters over and over to gain rank);
  • Speed hacking;
  • Illegally linking 1-15, 20-30 or 60 gears;
  • Botting (any form of farming/playing via software or hardware while the player is not physically present and controlling the character);
  • Intention scamming other players for any reason;
  • Spewing public threats against the server or its staff (eg: "F*CK YOU GMS", or "I'LL HACK THIS SERVER on Trade);
  • Selling in-game items, characters, or accounts for real money in the game or on forums;
  • Advertising phishing sites trying to steal players' info;
  • Extreme sexual or violent threats/harassment against another player;
  • Returning in-game to cause drama after a ban;

Part A: Player Relations

  1. Respect will be shown to staff members at all times; this includes all Admins, Devs, GMs, GSs, GSTs, Mods, and FMs, who have volunteered to take on the concerns of the whole server. This includes, but is not limited to, using profane language towards them, staff "bashing" or name-calling, and general lack or respect.
  2. Players will not bash or flame each other in public chats, including Trade, Area, and Normal chats. The only exception to this is pvp, where a little banter is expected. However, if a player asks you to stop, and there is proof that you did not, you will be punished accordingly.
  3. There will be no profane or offensive language used in public chats at any time, or in private chat if a player asks you to stop using such language. Continuing to use offensive language after being asked to stop or warned by a staff member will eventually result in a chat ban. Here is the forums post regarding acceptable language use: http://www.shaiyahaven.com/forum/8-8-1#8.THIS IS AN ACTUAL EXTENSION OF THE TOS. Learn it, abide by it. You will be responsible for it.
  4. Do not ask the staff for free items/levels/plvls/gold/anything else. The GMs will not give free items unless it is an event, and the GSs don't have the power to spawn anything anyway; they are esentially regular players like everyone else, with minor policing powers (invisibility, move to players, move to coordinates, stop movement, silence, give warnings). They will silence and/or kick you if you spam for free items/gold.
  5. Don't harass other players, under any circumstances. This includes, but is not limited to, "stalking" or following incessantly, repeated KSing, repeatedly asking for party after being told no, and bashing/flaming other players in any way.

Part B: Chat Rules

  1. ENGLISH IS THE LANGUAGE OF THIS SERVER, and the only language allowed on Trade Chat and Area Chat. You may use whatever language you want in Normal chat if you are alone, but if other people are around (like in Arena, Auction House, etc), use English. Other languages may be used if you genuinely need help, but if your guild speaks your language please try there first. As soon as someone responds to you, take it to a private chat. Guild, Party, and Whispers are all considered private chats, and may be in whatever language you want.
  2. Keep server PvP raids in English as much as possible, so everyone has a chance to understand what's going on.
  3. No personal conversations may be held on Trade. It is expected that the server will chat there, but for a private 2- or 3-person conversation, take it to PMs or to a party.
  4. You may not post all-capital-letter messages on Trade. Sparing use of caps is fine.
  5. Do not spam with symbols such as   >  <   ?   !  or etc. One or two is fine, excessive use will get you auto-banned just like using inappropriate language.

Part C: Game Use

  1. There will be no hacking or exploitation of any kind tolerated. This includes the use of any outside programs to modify your gameplay, and all use of known glitches to give yourself an advantage in-game. There are a few accepted 3rd-party programs on the forums. This rule is an exception to the "3 strikes" policy. When you use a program to bot/speedhack/exploit in any way, you do it knowing you are breaking a rule. Therefore, there will be no strikes. If a GM catches you in the act or there is video evidence against you, the account(s) on your IP will be permanently banned.
  2. For clarity, botting in any way is considered exploitation, and is part of #3 above. Botting is defined as using ANY method to play the game while you are not actually at the computer controlling your character (whether software or hardware), with the exception of the use of Frost Barrier/Firethorn every 15 minutes (which is permitted). Botting will result in immediate kicking and a ban for EVERY ACCOUNT ON THE IP OF THE BOTTING TOON. The most obvious way to catch this is if a staff member approaches you as you're killing mobs and you do not respond back when they talk to you. So if a staff member says "Hi", you'd better respond.
  3. KSing mobs is not permitted. The definition of KSing is killing the mobs that are aggro'd on another person not in your party. Once is an accident, multiple times is harassment. Don't KS while asking for a party. If someone says stop, you stop, no questions asked. Named bosses are an exception to this rule.
  4. Boss mobs are considered "free-for-all", meaning anyone may attack and attempt to kill them at any time. KSing rules don't apply here, no matter how much HP they have left; however, you may only DPS against players of your own faction. Resetting bosses on your own faction is a bannable offense. See the rule in Part C.
  5. You may not sell free items for profit. That is considered scamming. If you are caught, you will get an immediate permanent ban. The same goes for sleight-of-hand item removal during a trade, or scamming for items with similar icons.

Part D: PvP

  1. Stat padding will not be tolerated. This means killing characters that you made yourself, specifically to rank up in PvP kills. If you are caught (which is very simple when checking IPs) all of your current accounts on that IP (and the other person/people involved, if applicable) will be immediately banned.
  2. No use of excessive language or harassment during PvP. A little banter and competition is acceptable, but do not use language under any circumstances, or personally insult or bash anyone ("whore", "your mother" jokes, etc). If another player says you've gone too far, take it as a warning and lay off. If a staff member says to stop, you will immediately stop. Continuation after a staff member warns you will result in a disconnect. Continuation after relogging from a kick will result in a 3-day ban. If you refuse to reform after a 3-day ban, the next one will be permanent. We are no longer tolerating the poor attitudes, harassment, and insults in PvP. Clean it up or find a new server.
  3. Bosses may NOT be reset by members of your own faction. Intentionally resetting the boss of another player or party from your own faction will result in a warning for the first offense, then an immediate ban for subsequent offenses, with proof. This DOES include ranged players pulling and resetting the boss "on accident", so make the choice to attack wisely. Resetting the other faction's bosses is still perfectly allowed.
  4.  Killing in the other faction's bases, on all pvp maps, is now ILLEGAL. Towers are posted outside Kanos bases and Jungle/Desert Veils; the line closest to the base/veil is the Safe (No-Kill) Zone. You may pass them and enter the safe zone, but inside those lines, DO NOT KILL ANYONE, or there will be consequences. The secondary line (farther from the base) is just for protecting pvpers being camped, and you MAY kill behind this line. We are no longer messing around with this rule- the new punishments are: 1st offense, 3-day ban. 2nd offense, permanent ban. Make sure your friends know and understand this ToS, because there will be no tolerance on base killing from now on. 
  5. Baiting from behind the safe zone line is punishable the same as base killing. If you file a report on "base killing" and you are obviously taking part in PvP on the line, it will be immediately dismissed. Trying to get people to kill you on the line just to get them in trouble is unacceptable. We will now only accept reports that are CLEARLY within the tower line, and CLEARLY an intentional safe-zone kill. Any obvious baiting (like removing gears or making statements implying baiting) will be treated the same as base killing.
  6. Hiding inside a relic so that you can't be targeted in PvP is an exploit. Once you kill an altar, get out of it.
  7. Regarding the use of the skill Lure and all other "luring" skills (Energy Blackhole, etc), it is permitted to use them to pull people INTO your base's guards because quite frankly, that means they are camping and should not be that close; but you may NOT use them to pull anyone out of a safe zone (INCLUDING CURTAINS in Desert/Jungle) or from behind their guards/ides.

Part E: Reporting

  1. All reports will include a screenshot or a video as proof. Reports without hard evidence will be immediately dismissed. If there's no proof, there's no way for anyone to know that it happened.
  2. Multiple false reports will lead to a forum ban. Make sure your information is true and accurate before you make a post. Crying wolf just makes you look bad and upsets the person/people you are falsely accusing.
  3. If you have an issue with a staff member, be it GS or GM, you must send it to another staff member, with proof, rather than make a forum post or announce it on the server. Making your qualms publicly known will be considered staff bashing, and result in the usual punishments.
  4. It is NOT a GS's or GM's job to come out to every report of a hacker/exploiter/kser every time someone calls for one. They will investigate when they can, but are often busy dealing with other problems. There are many free video recording programs, such as CamStudio and Fraps (for 30 seconds), which the players are responsible for downloading and using.

Part F: Forum Rules

  1. All members will be polite, respectful, and constructive on forums. If you are caught defying this rule repeatedly, you will be banned from the forums.
  2. Foul language will not be permitted on forums. If it is found in a post of yours it will be altered or deleted, and multiple transgressions will result in a forum ban. This covers the chatbox as well. See Part A, Rule 3. Same language rules apply.
  3. Trolls and spammers, defined as people who post off-topic or nonsense just to gain post count or attention, will be banned from the forums. Make every post count, and give a constructive opinion or advice, do not post gratuitously.

Part G: Things GMs Will Not Be Responsible For

There are many issues that come up that are, essentially, player fault; as such, you will not receive reimbursement for them. These don't carry penalties like the rules above, except for whatever you lose from failing to recognize them. A few of these are as follows:
  1. Accounts being "hacked". Our databases are secure. Your computers and/or passwords might not be. We will not, under any circumstances, be obligated to help you get back any items lost if your account is accessed by someone else. We might help you regain access to the account, but any items/characters affected will NOT be replaced. Remember to frequently CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD, never use the same password as your account name or any account you've ever used on other p-servers, make your passwords complex, don't reveal your game account name on the forums, and DON'T ACCOUNT SHARE. 
  2. Losing gear to someone when you make 2-part trade. Ex: You are supposed to take turns setting up "free" markets in AH, and the other person takes your item and doesn't give you yours; also, "drop-trading" (both putting items on the ground).
  3. Trading to the other faction in Arena the "old way" (by battling) and losing the items. Cross-faction trading works here, in Auction House and Arena. Trade them like you would any other player on your own faction.
  4. Power-levelling someone and not getting paid for it. It doesn't matter if you made an agreement and have a screenshot. Get half up front, and half when you're done, if you can't trust your p-lvlee. That way even if they bail on you, you have something. Plus, it's just good business. This works the other way too, if *you* are the one getting p-lvled and get ditched.
  5. Giving your gear to someone to "borrow" or for "safekeeping" and having that item mysteriously vanish (aka, friend sold it, gave it away, never logged back in, etc). Keep it on your own account if you want it to be there when you get back.
  6. Any other type of "scam" that is the direct result of player negligence and/or ignorance. What it comes down to is, if you're not aware and concerned enough to help yourself, we won't waste our time helping you either. 
As harsh as it sounds, if any of these things happen to you, don't expect staff intervention. They are all preventable with planning and awareness. So look and think carefully, please. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is; and always "play it safe" and never trust a stranger (or sometimes even your "friends") completely.

GameSage Terms of Service

This is a separate Terms of Service for all GameSages and GameMasterAssistants. Any staff member failing to follow these rules will be stripped of his/her tags. We had previously assumed common sense prevailed, but it became necessary for us to clarify this: The rules about speech and behavior only apply to a GS or GMA in a PUBLIC setting (Trade, normal, and area chats), where he or she can be seen by the server at large; in private settings (party, guild, and whisper), they are players like everyone else. All other etiquette rules still apply at all times.

Definition of a GameSage (GS): A player who volunteers and is chosen from among the applicants to serve as a role-model and peace-keeper for the community  functioning as the admins' eyes and ears within a server. They are to make sure server rules are followed at all times, complete and send reports to the GMs, settle disputes, answer questions, help complete trades/transfers, and police Trade when necessary. They must always be beyond reproach or criticism, treating all players with respect and courtesy. GSes do NOT have blue toons, and can NOT do tickets for players in game.

Definition of a GameMasterAssistant (GMA): A graduated GS- one whom we have decided is worthy of fulfiling the next level of duties. GMAs get "blue toons", limited GM blue-named toons with the ability to go invisible, turn attack on/off, move on players' locations, move to maps/coordinates, silence players, and stop player movement. Besides that, they are normal players just like everyone else. They CANNOT spawn mobs or create items, or query players, or cure themselves and others, or summon people, or most anything a GM can do. They CAN and will do in-game tickets for players while on their blue toons.

The GMs CAN and WILL be closely watching all logs to ensure that no GS privileges are being abused; if we receive reports of such and can prove it, that player will lose their tags and possibly their right to play here permanently.

These are the basic rules a GS/GMA must follow while in public areas on duty or while performing official staff tasks:

  1. A GS/GMA is to be treated with respect, and therefore is to treat others respectfully. It is a voluntary position, and puts you at a higher standard than regular players.
  2. If you're not on a GS/GMA toon, you're not a GS or a GMA, period. Do not claim to be a GS/GMA or act like a GS/GMA if you're on an un-tagged toon. Doing so will be taken as staff impersonation.
  3. For a GS/GMA, there will never be the excuse of "everyone's human sometimes" if you slip up and lose your temper. You are not "human", you are staff. If you can't handle that stress, this position might not be for you.
  4. A GS/GMA is to be friendly, outgoing, and personable at all times. If you're stressed or tired or not feeling well, log onto a non-tagged toon to avoid snapping, cursing, or saying anything out of line.
  5. A GS/GMA's job is to help the players, first and foremost. All personal gain and/or advancement including farming, leveling, and pvping will be set aside if a member of the community needs your help.
  6. GSes/GMAs may never bash, flame, or insult another player in any way (barring banter in private chat with friends, of course). Doing so, if caught and proven, will result in immediate dismissal from the position. As a GS/GMA, you represent everyone on the staff, and the spirit of the server as a whole. We will not tolerate unprofessional behavior.
  7. All new GSs will be on a probationary trial when they are first tagged. Any probationary GS who is reported and/or has a generally negative review during this trial period will have his/her tags removed. This does not apply to GMAs since they are promoted from GS.
  8. GMAs may NOT PvP on this server, on blue-tagged toons at least, due to the unusual fact that we give them blue names and very limited GM abilities. We won't let the ignorant rumors start that GMAs are spawning gears and items for themselves or cheating in PvP. To avoid the whole ordeal, GMAs simply may not pvp on tagged toons with blue names (white-named tagged toons are fine).
  9. A GS/GMA may not show favoritism to any group, be it a faction, a guild, a party, a race or religion, or any particular players. They must always be completely impartial, and fair to everyone equally.
  10. To be a GS or GMA, you must have significant knowledge of the game and Haven specifically, so get to know your maps, quests, mobs, drops, and other important server info.
  11. GSs/GMAs must be active in and loyal to their server. This includes logging in daily whenever possible, or leaving notice when they can't. Prolonged absence without explanation will not be tolerated.
  12. GSes and GMAs must speak English fluently, but knowledge of other languages is a bonus and is both welcomed and encouraged. Feel free to translate any official statements you want.

If a GS/GMA repeatedly transgresses against these rules, he/she will be dismissed from his/her duty, and the empty position will be filled. If a player sees a GS breaking any of these rules, please take a screenshot or video and send it to another staff member to be dealt with.
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