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We want to make it very clear that we are not operating a server to see how much money we can make off of it. However, running a server costs, and can cost big. We refuse to sell greatness, but we can give you a few items in return that will help ease your stay, just as you help ease our responsibilities. Thank you for choosing to support us.

Every month there will be a Tier Event, a bonus in the 1st week of the month (or sometimes the whole month), as an incentive and a reward for those who wish to regularly assist Haven. Purchase of Services does NOT qualify you for the tier, you will receive no bonus for any Service purchase, ever. The details of these monthly specials will be posted below.

July Tier
New weapons!  (Yes, they DO have higher stats/OJs- details posted soon)

Available for donation through the month of July,
from 12:01 am on July 1st to 11:59 pm on July 30th.
(Weapons will be available to farm in-game starting August)

You still get regular point values, plus the following:

$5: 1 Perfect Linking Hammer
$10: 2 GM Boxes + 2 Perfect Linking Hammers
$15: 3 GM Boxes + 3 Perfect Linking Hammers
$20: 5 GM Boxes + 5 Perfect Linking Hammers
$30: 6 GM Boxes + (1) 80 weapon or shield of choice
$50: 10 GM Boxes + (2) 80 weapons or (1) weapon & (1) shield
$75: 15 GM Boxes + (2) 80 weapons and (1) shield
$100: 20 GM Boxes + (4) 80 weapons and (1) shield
$200: 45 GM Boxes + 2 x (4) 80 weapons and (2) shields

Please be sure, in your ticket, to include which class of weapon(s)/shield(s) you want.
You may pick all 4 of one weapon, or 4 different weapons, etc- just let us know.
If you don't send the follow-up with your account name and desired weapon(s)/shield(s), it will take longer to get you your items/points! Send it!!

New Donation Services

We've decided to try a new concept for donations. You will still, and always, have to ability to donate for straight HDP (in-game points) to buy items from the item mall; however, we're branching out to add services as well. You will find a list of all offered services below. Click on each picture to expand its description and price. Please note, services will be performed as they are received, just like HDP donations are fulfilled immediately- no worry about waiting days or weeks for your Service to be done. If you want to purchase services, the details and instruction page is located HERE (coming soon).

Donate Via 2Checkout (Credit/Debit Card/Paypal):

Now, this seems ridiculous, but bear with us: As many of you know we had issues with our last payment processor, and haven't been able to take donations for a while because every other processor we tried shut us down and asked for documents we just can't provide... so finally, we took it another direction and set up a "graphics design company" we can use as a "cover" to offer HDP and services. It seems strange and fishy, but we've tried and tried to get it to work another way- and we just can't. So, this is how we roll now.

Just head on over to HavenGraphix.com and select the level of points or services you want to buy. Everything is still standard rate, and tiers are still valid for HDP purchases, of course. We're truly sorry for having to go about this in such a roundabout and tacky way, but, thus is life.

Be sure to enter your account name in the Contact Us email after the purchase! We CANNOT give points, items, or services to anyone who doesn't give us an account name, or at least a character name. This is extremely important!

Thanks in advance, for anyone who wishes to support Haven. Happy hunting!

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